How to Keep your PayPal Account Safe

As one of the online gaming communities most commonly employed and as a result most popular currency transaction formats, PayPal has made quite a name for itself within this industry as well as countless others world-over.

Since being launched in California’s Silicon Valley way back in 1998, the service has gone on to notch up an active user-base of some 165 million individuals – and is available across a total of 203 markets. What’s more, the service is used in around 100 countries worldwide and allows users flawless exchange between 57 separate currencies.

Keeping Paypal safe

As great as all of this is, PayPal is still prone to many of the same vulnerabilities as any online business-related service. While very uncommon, account hacking can occur. It is with this in mind that all of those who employ PayPal as their trusted transaction handler when it comes to online gambling and paypal, it would do players well to heed the following advice on keeping their funds safe.

Be Wary of ‘Phishy’ Emails

One of the most common ways a hacker will attempt to gain access to your PayPal account is by way of an official looking email which necessitates that you click on an internal link. Straying from ever clicking on a link within an email, and instead opting to access PayPal via a separate tab on your device, will ensure that no link-up to the hack is allowed.

Keep a strong password

This one is a no brainer really! The oldest advice in the book; keeping a strong and unique password which you change bi-annually is a sure way to deter any unexpected funds depletions.

Nowadays with the number of mobile devices out there adding to the vast amounts of IP addresses already active online, the sheer amount of data can be appealing to hackers. Though we all know that online gamers are some of the smartest out there, you can never be too careful!