The Interact iGaming Conference 2013 is proudly brought to you by the following sponsors. We’d like to thank them and everyone involved for being such great sports, without you all Interact would never have been possible. It takes more than a dream to make something this great happen, and you all helped turn that dream into a vision and that vision into reality.


sponsor - casino mateCasino Mate

Casino Mate is one of the big players in the online casino world, with countless players, affiliates and partners all over the world. This friendly and exciting Australian-themed casino really goes above and beyond the call of duty to really bring a phenomenal conference experience to each and every participant from both the past conferences and ensuring the same treatment for future endeavors. Thanks Casino Mate, you’ve certainly been a good mate to us.

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sponsor - mandarinMandarin Oriental Group

This exotic online offering has always been shrouded in as much mystery as the orient itself, but Mandarin Oriental has stepped up and shown itself to be as generous as their fortuitous reputation suggests. Thanks Mandarin, with you we feel like we’ve hit the jackpot of sponsors.

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sponsor - mapleMaple Casino

With their thrilling new rebrand and the way they expand by leaps and bounds each year, it’s amazing that Maple Casino has been able to devote the time and resources they have to making the Interact Conference a success. It’s a pleasure to work with them and we’re especially grateful to Charlotte Jackson, who keeps everyone on the right track and with the right attitude all the way.

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