The Interact iGaming Conference manifesto is something we take very seriously, and every decision we make consciously takes these values into account.

We strive to create an excellent experience for every facet of our conference, from the speakers and exhibitors to every person attending the conference. Here are the core values we aspire to with every step.


Clarity and Honesty

We know how difficult it can be to navigate the world of online gambling, and there are so many fine details to be considered in this booming business. We choose topics, themes and speakers not only for the usefullness of the content they provide, but also considering the total experience of presentation. The most helpful information can be lost in half-truths and vagueness, so we revise all content for clarity and honesty before it gets included in the conference.


Relevance and Helpfulness

We understand that there are so many different aspects to this industry that it is incredibly difficult to succeed in multiple areas of it; but we strive to make every presentation accessible, helpful and relevant to every participant and not just those in a specific niche.


Ethics and Accountability

We have run ethics seminars from the beginning of the Interact conference, but every year new advances really show us that our industry is particularly vulnerable to lapses in accountability and ethical dilemmas. Every participant has access to helpful and relevant seminars regarding ethics and responsibility at the Interact iGaming conference, and we’re very proud of our commitment to it.